Anti-Cut Bags

Mingda Textile has more than 15 years’ experience to provide high-quality protective yarn to protection market. Based on our high strength yarn, the anti cut bags could effectively protect the security of people’s property.

Main Features of Anti-Cut Bags

  • Excellent anti cut function, up to ANSI-CUT A6
  • Waterproof layer is available
  • Color customized
  • Abrasion resistance, with long-term life span

The Material Anti-Cut Bags Used

  • Meta Aramid ( Aramid 1313 )
  • Para Aramid ( Aramid 1414 )
  • UHMWPE ( Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene )

Notes:Meta Aramid, DuPont’s registered trademark is Nomex®, Tayho’s is Tametar®, and Teijin’s is Conex®

Para Aramid, DuPont’s registered trademark is Kevlar®, Tayho’s is Taparan®, and Teijin’s is Twaron®

Our Cut-anti bags