Bulletproof Fabric

Mingda Textile has more than 15 years’ experience to provide high-quality protective yarn to protection market. By using our high strength aramid yarn and UHMWPE yarn, the strong & light weight bulletproof fabric could effectively resist bullet fling shot, bulletproof clothes & helmet & board made from this kinds of fabric are deeply trusted by customers.

Main Features of Bulletproof Fabric

  • Ultra high strength, ultra high modulus
  • Ultra low deformation
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Excellent bulletproof function, anti-UV, light fastness and waterproof

The Material Bulletproof Fabric Used

  • UHMWPE ( Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene )
  • Para Aramid ( Aramid 1414 )

Notes: Para Aramid, DuPont’s registered trademark is Kevlar®, Tayho’s is Taparan®, and Teijin’s is Twaron®

Our Bulletproof Fabric