Tire reinforcement fabrics

Mingda Textile has more than 15 years’ experience to provide high-quality protective yarn to protection market. Our Tire reinforcement fabric are widely use in reinforced layers of automobile tires, turbocharging tubes, pressure pipes, and pressure hose, to effectively improve the product performance.

Main Features of Tire reinforcement fabric

  • High strength and high modulus
  • Low deformation
  • Chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance
  • High temperature resistance

The Material Tire reinforcement fabric Used

  • Meta Aramid ( Aramid 1313 )
  • Para Aramid ( Aramid 1414 )

Notes:Meta Aramid, DuPont’s registered trademark is Nomex®, Tayho’s is Tametar®, and Teijin’s is Conex®

Para Aramid, DuPont’s registered trademark is Kevlar®, Tayho’s is Taparan®, and Teijin’s is Twaron®

Our Hose reinforcement fabrics