Flame Retardant Yarn

Mingda Textile has more than 15 years experience in providing high-quality flame-retardant yarn for the protection market. Our flame-retardant high protection yarn has excellent performance to provide long-term protection for high temperature workers.

Main Features of Flame Retardant Yarn

  • Excellent high temperature property, work stably in 200°C for a long time, with limit temperature of 500°C
  • Great Permanent flame retardant performance, limit oxygen index LOI>28
  • High strength, tear resistant, 5 times stronger than high-quality steel wire
  • Cut resistant and anti- abrasion
  • Stable chemical performance, resistance to most inorganic acid, good alkali resistance at room temperature
  • Easy to dye bright colors

The Material Flame Retardant Yarn Used

  • Meta Aramid ( Aramid 1313 )
  • Para Aramid ( Aramid 1414 )

Notes:Meta Aramid, DuPont’s registered trademark is Nomex®, Tayho’s is Tametar®, and Teijin’s is Conex®

Para Aramid, DuPont’s registered trademark is Kevlar®, Tayho’s is Taparan®, and Teijin’s is Twaron®

Our Flame Retardant Yarn


Para-aramid Spun Yarns and its composite Yarns

Basically spun from para-aramid staple fiber, this series of yarns are manufactured from 100% para-aramid or blended with other organic fibers, inorganic fibers, spandex, stainless steel etc. designed to meet cut resistant, flame retardant, heat resistant needs.

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Meta-Aramid Yarn

Meta-aramid spun yarn is the most widely used high performance yarn. With excellent heat resistance and good dimensional stability, it is widely used in flame-retardant/heat-resistant gloves, hoods, fire protective clothing, police & military clothes, electricity work wear, metallurgical working garment, sound bomb wave cloth and other fields.

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