MingdaTextile Attended The 96th SHanghai CIOSH Exhibition

Mingda Textile Meets with You for the 96th CIOSH Exhibition in Shanghai
Teacher Zhao JianWei of ChinaYarn.com, Visiting Mingda and Giving Expert Instruction

Mingda Textile attended the 96th SHanghai CIOSH Exhibition, between 2018.04.11-2018.04.13, which is the first time we took part in CIOSH.


During this exhibition, old and new customer came to visit our booth, we communicated closely with old customers to answer problems customer encountered in using our products, introduced the latest products, and recommended ourselves to new customers, warm atmosphere indeed!


Nearly 100 new customer communicated with us after exhibition, about 20 of them reached initial cooperative plan with us.


After exhibition, we have gradually implemented our cooperation with customers.


Silhouette of the exhibition as follows

1 our booth

2 customers’ visiting